CONNECT or not!

December 06, 2021

We met again this morning to discuss issues with the CONNECT system – here are some takeaways:

  • The Office of Licensing is depending on providers to have retained email communications which have come through the ConstantContact system for information such as how to contact the “Help Desk” – we have asked that it be posted prominently on the website.
  • The “button” on the DBHDS website that looks like the “login” access and is not actually linked to anything will either be renamed or clearer instructions will be posted that if you have achieved ability to log in you must use the link provided via email.
  • What appears to be a data set discrepancy between the list of CAPs on the public facing website (correct) and the list of CAPs in CONNECT is, in fact, the application of a different filter on the OLIS data.  They should be the same; it is on the list to correct.
  • Functionality issues about managing the system are apparently intentional:
    • If there is an “owner” listed, the “owner” information can not be changed by the authorized contact
    • The “owner” is assigned ALL ACCESS in the CONNECT system and can assign new users or change roles, but cannot change the “Authorized Contact”
    • The individual assigned to do “Background Checks” can add others to the role, but apparently has no ability to request that they have a login for the CONNECT system – not sure the logic there, but be aware that they can make changes without asking the Authorized Contact
  • A request to add a dialogue box to explain how to “work around” some of the “rules” that have been built in – eg., a service modification can not be requested with less than 45 days lead time, will be considered an enhancement so is likely to take time.  Call your licensing specialist!
  • The cumbersome and lengthy list of “pending” background checks should be addressed in the near future.  The inability to post letters when the applicant is “eligible, but has a VSP record” or is “ineligible” is going to take more time.  We believe they are seeking permission from the Virginia State Police to post that material.  This causes a conflict for the provider that will need to be addressed!

It appears that they are going to try to hold an open call periodically for all providers; they no longer plan to have a regular call with VNPP/VACSB.  You will no doubt be notified through the Constant Contact email system.