COVID-19 Day Support and Residential Payment Weekend Update

December 04, 2020

Both the reporting form for the Day Support application and the FAQ for the Residential Support payment were posted Friday evening on the DMAS website at https:/  [Remember DO NOT select the provider option, just scroll down the main page].  And there is some good news and bad news! 

For Day Support:

  • Good news, the reporting form is not as complex as we expected; bad news,  lost revenue can not be used to support payment. For those who have received funds from the HHS CRF (tranche #2), lost revenues may be able to be accounted for in that accounting beginning in January.  Review the details carefully with your legal and accounting consultants.

For Residential:

  • The period for review and reporting expenses is March 1st to October 31st.  Like the accounting for Day Support Payments, attestation will be required that other sources of Federal relief funding have not been used for the expenses reported  
We do appreciate all of the effort by the Administration and DMAS staff to make this possible; every bit of support helps, though this maybe a bit more challenging than expected.  Refer to the VNPP website “Events” listing for due dates for applications and reporting.