Day 3 – MES Updates

April 06, 2022

First – we were notified this morning that a number of providers submitted claims between March 25th and the Go-Live date of April 4th but failed to include the taxonomy number in both of the required locations; bad news – all those claims were denied, good news – there is still plenty of time to resubmit for the next billing cycle (enter the claims before 5pm on Friday!)

Second – we do expect to hear something from DBHDS on the solutions to modifying service lines in WaMS and know they are meeting soon to discuss – reentering is not a particularly good choice!  Whatever they come up with will come out on the listsrv. 

Third – Since EDOCs is now behind the MES wall, if you are unable to access MES you may need to expalin your predicament to who ever is making the request.  They are aware that this might be an issue!

Last – Do not make this harder than it needs to be; for example, to check a claim all you need is the NPI Number and the ICN Number  or the Medicaid Number and the date range – just like it has been, you do not need both!