DBHDS Continues to Push for ISPs to be Entered in WaMS

June 24, 2018

We have updated the WaMS Phase II Member’s page with the latest information about the DBHDS “requirements” for entering ISP information into WaMS.  We want to clearly articulate here, however, the following:
  • There is no regulatory language existing or proposed that requires the entry of the ISP into WaMS; it is reasonable to assume that the PA Consultants need to have access to the ISP and Part V to approved services requests, but the current system of uploading the plans provides that information.
  • This new data entry system should not impact any provider’s ability to process an authorization, delay authorization, delay services, or cause a provider to be unable to bill for services.
  • The option which suggests that a provider’s Part V can be located in WaMS should not be considered by any provider until they have written assurance that they will be able to access all of the entered information in accordance with the regulatory requirements for the retention of records.  At this point, we have seen nothing to suggest that this will be the case!
  • As a health care provider, you are responsible for the production, maintenance and integrity of your records.  Subsequent reviews and or audits will be completed on those records that you maintain.
An 80 page provider user guide is available for your use.