DBHDS Proposes Amendments to the Emergency Licensing Regulations

February 15, 2019

As you recall Emergency Regulations became effective on 1 September 2018 to better align the DBHDS Licensing Regulations with the expectations of the DOJ Settlement Agreement.  The most significant changes were the redefinition of “Levels” of Serious Incidents, the requirement for a Root Cause Analysis to be completed on all Level II and Level II incidents and the requirement for a more comprehensive QI program.  As those Regulations are time-limited, the Department is beginning the process of establishing permanent regulations.  Step 1 is (as always) getting the DBHDS Board to approve the promulgation of the regulations.  This begins the process! The portion of the Board Agenda packet relative to these regulations which includes the changes being proposed by DBHDS as a result of comments received can be found hereWhen the regulations are officially open for public comment (early summer?) you will have the opportunity to express your thoughts!