DBHDS – Providing Guidance and Direction through Training

February 01, 2019

While the agencies that we deal with most often (DMAS and DBHDS) are much more diligent in providing the ability for public/stakeholder input as a result of legislative action (which we supported) several years ago, and we appreciate it, opportunity for input does not always go as planned! Recently we have been asked for comment on a Manual which would have been 923 pages if printed (we decided it was not a good use of time!) and in the last several weeks notices have gone out that training is being offered by the Office of Developmental Disabilities (DBHDS) on a fairly significant change in the Person Centered Planning process and Outcome Development.  The slide deck contains links to three other training packages.  Without comment on the content – guidance and/or changes in procedures using “training” as the methodology is always problematic. Information is not consistently delivered or understood and the expectations for implementation are “staggered” and, therefore, produce more than necessary confusion and chaos! We hope that DBHDS takes note and, as necessary in coordination with DMAS, looks to a more structured process in the future!