DBHDS Quality, Compliance and Related Issues

December 11, 2018

The Quality and Compliance functions have been divided between Dr. Alexis Aplasca and Dr. Dev Nair, with Dr. Aplasca taking the lead on the Quality issues and chairing the QIC.  Dev Nair will continue to be responsible for the regulatory functions and the Office of Licensing. At the last QIC meeting we reviewed the 2017 Annual Mortality report (posted on the DOJ Agreement Updates page); as part of the discussion about what tools could be offered to providers to help with identification and developing practices for proper care for some of the more preventable causes of death, we brought up the missed opportunity of building stronger health care systems for DD Waiver enrollees with CCCPlus!  While we continue to push for stronger systems to ensure that all options are being fully utilized, we are getting little support from either DMAS or the Health Plans! On the “compliance” side – they are working hard to bring the CHRIS system in line with the new regulations and standardizing protocols; we know that communication is an ongoing problem: For Service Modifications: Attach the form to an email to LicensingAdminSupport@dbhds.virginia.gov and copy your Licensing Specialist; always ask for a “read receipt!”  If you have not heard anything within a week or so, it is perfectly acceptable to query the Specialist with a copy to the Regional Manager! For Variances:  Send the request to your Specialist, even though the Regulations refer to the Commissioner!  Again, ask for a “read receipt” and follow-up with a copy to the Regional Manager if you do not get a timely response!