DBHDS Update

September 25, 2018

DBHDS staff reported yesterday on the many initiatives that are currently underway:
  • System Transformation (Farley Study) – see the post from 30 July
  • STEP-VA – Target date July 2021
  • Financial Realignment – Reduce the hospital census to 85% capacity by July 2021; see the post from July 2017
  • Continuing effort on reducing the deaths from opioids
  • Continuing effort to comply with all terms of the DOJ Settlement – to end in 2021
  • Focus on eliminating the Priority One Wait list by the end of FY 2022
Oh and they have just begun the efforts on a Strategic Plan which they hope to present by the next General Assembly Session in January!  We did have some limited discussion about how the Strategic Plan would be integrated with all of the intended outcomes already outlined above. We also talked further about the Supports Packages which were discussed at several meetings last week – they have requested that Burns & Associates reformulate the proposed packages based on FY18 data which should be far more reliable than FY17.  In addition, we will have access to the data which shows the “outliers” and be able to get a far better picture of who, what, where and why! Lastly the final copy of the Provider Issues Resolution Workgroup Report has been released and is available.  The timing was not in sync with the requirements for making budget requests, we will know in the next couple of weeks what, if any, of the “wish List” was put forth for the Governor’s Budget.  We will know in December if any items are included in the Governor’s Budget.