DD-WAC (or the DD Waiver Advisory Committee) Is Active!

August 14, 2017

A little history – at the request of the VNPP Board of Directors at their meeting in mid-April, Ray Ratke wrote to Connie Cochran, DBHDS, and Ann Bevan, DMAS, with appropriate copies, to request a regularly scheduled meeting with key representatives of the Associations, including vaACCSES, VaCIL, the Arc of Va, the Sponsored Residential Provider group, VACSB and VNPP.  DMAS responded promptly and a planning meeting was held in June.  All of the Associations were represented as was VBPD and DMAS (including Karen Kimsey, Deputy Director). We set several goals:
  • to meet monthly
  • to review data that will allow us to better understand the implementation
  • to report out on any other meeting or activities which relate to implementation, and
  • to discuss in some depth one or more “hot topic”
This group will also be the reviewer on proposed regs, memos, etc., at least those coming from DMAS; DBHDS did not participate in the initial meeting. The second meeting of the group (now called DD-WAC) was this past Thursday.  Subsequent meetings will be on the second Thursday from 1p-4p.  A more detailed report will be out on the meeting later this week – there was a robust discussion on Community Engagement, perhaps more questions than answers as again DBHDS was not there to participate.