Deed’s Commission, DBHDS & Medicaid Overlapping Initiatives

November 29, 2017

The Deed’s Commission Studying Metal Health Services in the Twenty-first Century heard a number of proposals at their meetings this week.  The committee of “experts” looking at the structure of the system reported out with a list of recommendations for this Session which we will discuss on the Member’s Forum call later this month.  DBHDS presented their financial realignment proposal which will be a significant initiative for this upcoming Session if it is included in the Governor’s budget. And a report of the findings of the study “Advancing Mental Health” which was done for DMAS by Ben Miller of the Farley Health Policy Center was released.  Selected pages most important to VNPP members are here. We will pull together the broader picture with thoughts about what this could mean for the private sector for discussion on the Member’s Forum call on December 15th.