Details – TBD

December 01, 2020

Among the many things that we have learned while dealing with the pandemic is that if you figure out how federal rules or funding works it is likely to change before you can act on your new found knowledge!  While many are now waiting for some word about the 3rd tranche of the CARES Act funding, and trying to understand the requirements for accounting, Virginia is preparing to distribute funding for DD Waiver Day Services (Group Day, Community Engagement, Community Coaching and the Customized Group Day or Community Coaching) and Residential (Group Home, Supported Living and Sponsored Residential).  

We do know a couple of things:

  • Both involve completing a survey/application in RedCap
  • Both require that you apply for an API number (one number works for both and if you want to confirm receipt of your request you can inquire at
  • Payment for “day services” will now be referred to as COVID Day Support Payment not “Retainer” payments (to prevent confusion with the previously available payments which were Medicaid monies)
  • Both will provide a fixed amount (TBD) linked to the provider’s attestation that they had a current authorization for the individual for the specific service, and were licensed and approved to provide the service during the months of August through December 2020.
  • We also understand, that if the service authorization for a previously authorized day service has expired, the authorization can be renewed and will “count” back to the date the provider submitted the application.  If you attempted to renew and the authorization was denied by the PA Consultant, you should be able to have the authorization back dated to the original application date – at least you should ask!  (Note: You must have submitted a current plan, based on the most up-to-date information you have and what you will implement when services resume.)
  • We also know that you will need to attest that “Funds will be used for COVID-19 related auditable costs that have not been reimbursed through other federal relief programs available for this purpose in calendar year 2020 based on the HHS reporting requirements in effect on November 18th, 2020.”  We believe that this or similar language will be included in both attestations! 

But there are more details TBD and, as careful as we have been about the bulleted list above, those details could change also!