DLA-20: Outcomes Measurement and Monitoring for Behavioral Health Services

November 02, 2018

As we announced at the Fall Conference a few weeks ago, we are in the process of finalizing our agreement with MTM to provide the Train-the-Trainer one-day course for VNPP Member Organizations the brief that was shared at the conference is available here to refresh your memory.  The Training will include:
  • One day in Richmond (3.5 hours initial workshop & 4 hours Train-the-Trainer workshop)
  • Required 2 hour online follow-up training to become a certified DLA-20 Trainer (approximately one month later)
  • Faculty review of 10 sample cases for each prospective trainer
  • Up to 3 hours of post-training off site supervision or follow-up
At the satisfactory conclusion, the Trainer will have access to the original detailed workshop PowerPoint slides as well as all the tools and materials that meet the need for training and tracking outcomes in their organization. We have not yet finalized the training date or pricing, however, we are anxious to add to the list from the conference of those organizations who will commit to getting the training and using the DLA-20 in their services.  The public agencies (CSBs) are required to utilize this tool beginning in 2019, and we have made known our interest in using the same measures as a way to support the effort toward standardization across the system and, maybe, the use of this tool to make more efficient some of the processes currently in place! We are developing a “Waiting List” for those Organizations interested in moving forward with this project – class size for the initial class is limited to 20.  Please indicate your interest by email to forum@vnppinc.org with the following information: Organization Number of Trainers you think you will need Organization contact for future information