DMAS Offers Some Very Good News!

June 23, 2020

The Appendix K has been extended! Overall authority will continue until January 26, 2021 while select features will end prior to that date.  The advantage to the overall authority continuation is that DMAS can extend select features without having to seek further approval from CMS.  Specific authorities of interest are:
  • Retainer payments for day services which are extended until July 31st – to date nearly $5M has been spent for DD Waiver services and $1M for Adult Day Health
  • Payment for parents/spouses to provide the services is extended until August 31st
  • Face-to-face guidelines will be modified to encourage greater oversight for Medicaid members, but will recognize needed safety protocols.
DMAS expects to have the Memo out by the end of this week (along with an email clarification of the retainer payment issues); later there will be additional clarification on telehealth opportunities including proposed rate reductions for those services.