DOJ Settlement Indicators – Final

January 25, 2020

The multiple indicators of compliance with all 54 elements of the DOJ Settlement Agreement have been agreed to by all parties.  We have posted the document of the DOJ Agreement Updates page under Provider Resources.  At our suggestion, DBHDS is going to convene the Provider Stakeholder Group in early February to allow some analysis and discussion. Some of the challenges will be:
  • Being able to recruit and retain adequate numbers of staff, especially nursing staff, behavior support staff, and direct support professionals
  • Insuring that 95% of individual service participants are protected from serious injuries and 95% of the service recipients are protected from abuse or neglect from paid staff.  This standard, while an admirable statement of a goal, will require careful interpretation.
  • Identification of data elements and collection processes
And completing all of the identified tasks without causing an unmanageable burden on the providers or an “unfriendly” environment for the individuals we support!