DOJ Update

June 27, 2024

The last we posted on DOJ was 24 May and the parties were negotiating the wording of a permanent injunction.  That has occurred and the Commonwealth and DOJ have submitted their proposal.   It is now being reviewed by the Independent Reviewer and the Court prior to a decision by the Judge in August.

It is, not surprising, a list of exactly what you would expect for issues and metrics for compliance and methods for meeting the compliance goals if the Commonwealth can not demonstrate that they have met the target by a deadline set in the injunction.   So, in short, not much new or different that what we have been hearing for the last 12 years! 

We will watch it closely to try to shape the direction if it seems to be going off track, but honestly there is little we can do.   As has been the case since the beginning – providers are not considered key players in shaping the direction of the efforts, just in being shaped by the efforts!