Down to the Wire for Session 2020

March 01, 2020

There is one week left in the 2020 Session, and while we have a fair estimate of the outlook for the budget, there are still a couple outstanding policy issues to be resolved in conference committees.  Some of the issues are:
  • removing a few of the barriers for Peer Recovery Specialists (HB1540)
  • raising the minimum wage (SB7/HB395)
  • paid leave for staff (SB481)
As these issues are resolved, VNPP will complete the analysis (especially of those legislative initiatives effecting staff/employment) and will highlight those issues which we feel will have the greatest impact on member organizations.  Look for those in the next several weeks! We are already actively working on:
  • Behavioral Health Redesign/Enhancement with representatives on the stakeholder groups to determine the medical necessity criteria for the new services;
  • Anticipating the development of the “Advisory Committee” for the Behavioral Health Enhancement which will be, at our request, described in the Budget;
  • Children’s Inpatient Bed Crisis — the second meeting is scheduled and we expect robust discussion!
  • DOJ Implementation — as promised we have revamped the “DOJ Page” so that important updates will be easily available.  We are meeting frequently to identify the strategies and tasks needed to move the process along.  One of the items already under discussion is the “communication plan” which was identified as an important component success.  We will keep you posted