Draft Annual Board Meeting Minutes

November 05, 2011

VNPP Annual Board Meeting

October 26, 2011

  The meeting was called to order by Ann Bevan.  Attending:Nancy Hopkins-Garriss,Ann Bevan,Chip Dodd, Lynne Seward,Jennifer Fidura& Pat Harris.    Several members were present and participated in the discussion Review of Minutes The minutes of the last Annual Meeting (October 13, 2010) and the September 12th Board Meeting were approved as distributed. Election of Officers Ann Bevan– President Chip Dodd– Vice President Jennifer Fidura – Secretary/Treasurer Approval of Budget On a motion byAndrew Gyourko, second by Lynne Seward, the proposed budget was approved with the addition of a $1,000 expense category for Member Recruitment.   Jennifer explained that this budget was more detailed in its expense categories and that she was being more diligent in assigning expenses to the “Lobbying” cost center which drives some of the proposed changes. New Business: On a motion byAndrew Gyourko, second by Lynne Seward, the Board approved making the membership “year” (which is a calendar year) begin on the first of October for new members.  This will be an incentive to come to the conference as the membership will then be for up to 15 months.  The Board agreed to make this retroactive to include those who had joined in October of 2011. Jennifer presented the letter regarding “registered agent” from John O’Grady.  The Board, on a motion byNancy Hopkins-Garriss, second by Lynne Seward, accepted the proposal from McGuire Woods that will transfer the agency to CT Corporation.  There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Jennifer G. Fidura Secretary/Treasurer