“Exceptional” Rates Have Been Approved

October 19, 2014

Twenty-eight months after the requested implementation the Emergency Regulations for the Exceptional Rates have been approved to be effective 1 November, 2014. The DRAFT Emergency Regs are available here and will be posted for public comment on November 3rd.  Relevant Forms are on the DBHDS website. When this plan was proposed to the Legislature, VNPP was concerned that the members of the General Assembly not view this a solving the significant funding constraints in the community; we continue to be concerned.  Our resons for concern are:
  • The funding is finite (and due to expire by May of 2016)
  • The proposed amount (25%) sounds significant, but when carefully analyzed will not cover the staffing costs which are inherent in meeting the needs of an individual who qualifies
  • The requirements for providers to qualify for the funding are greater than is otherwise expected
If you are already doing what is required and can justify the need for a qualifed indivdual as is described in the Regulations, the added 25% revenue will at least partially offset the costs you are already incurring!