First Steps on the 2024-26 Budget

September 30, 2023

Agency requests, submitted for consideration for the Governor’s budget, have been posted by the Department of Planning and Budget, were released this weekend – this is just the first step!  Here are a few of the highlights:


  • 1,500 DD Waiver slots (with the anticipation that an additional 1,500 will be requested for year two of the biennium) “to help eliminate the Priority One waiting list.  
  • Adult Services “transformation” – hire a contractor to develop a comprehensive plan to transform the adult and youth services to meet the objective of the Governor’s Right Help, Right Now.  This will include the development of an 1115 SMI Waiver, a study of the QMHP position and the specialty provider type for CCBHC’s. 
  • Align outpatient rehab reimbursement methodology with Medicare
  • Make technical updates (to include the telehealth provisions) to the DD Waiver Regulations,
  • Develop rate study for professional behavioral health services, and
  • A number of administrative/technical requests


  • Fund additional comprehensive psychiatric emergency programs ($10M).
  • Fund five more employees to address DBHDS non-compliance with Virginia Code, DOJ, HCBS Settings Rules and State Human Rights Regulations (though there is no mention of the supports that providers need to come into compliance!).
  • Create capacity through peer-to-peer mentoring and employment of individuals with ID/DD.
  • Expand and sustain funding for youth substance use services.
  • Fund 8 positions for Office of Licensing and 8 positions for the DD Office.
  • Fund start-up for Mobile Crisis Teams ($10M).  
  • Fund the oversight of CSB billing by Central Office.
  • Support the Right Help Right Now initiative with authority to promulgate the needed regulations.