Friday News Dump (on Sunday!)

July 01, 2018

In no particular order:
  • The Proposed permanent DD Waiver Regulations are working their way through the process (now under review at the Secretary’s office)
  • DMAS has released drafts of two Manuals for comment – the drafts and comments pages can be found here
  • DBHDS continues to pursue provider input for their legislative strategies – VNPP is monitoring their efforts, though the time has pretty well run out for getting proposals ready for the 2019 Session
  • We gave a presentation last week and Ray Ratke, VNPP Board President, is scheduled for a follow-up presentation to the SJ47 System Structure Workgroup.  A significant emphasis continues to be the workforce crisis and the inability to sustain a service business with rates which do not cover the costs.
  • Look for a News Post latter today on some interesting workforce data.
  • DMAS continues their focus on Medicaid Expansion, there is a wealth of information at