Friday Update and News Dump!

April 26, 2019

We are working on:
  • Finalizing our list of representative for the BH Redesign Workgroups – thank you to all who volunteered great staff to be part of the effort!
  • Collecting information on the current status of TDT services, especially how the growing restrictions on authorized units and the ever expanding lists of accounts receivable will impact the ability to reasonably plan for any Summer sessions.
  • Having a conversation with DMAS about the Therapeutic Consult rate structure – this will not be quickly resolved, but at least we have a conversation!
  • Writing congratulatory memos to all who have successfully completed the DLA-20 training and are ready to begin training staff of their agencies; we are also finalizing the protocol for making the VNPP Trainer available to providers who were not able to send staff to be trained as “trainers!”
  • The Board will meet again in June to formalize and complete the initiative we began last year to develop a strategic plan for VNPP.  The Mission Statement, a early step in the process, is now posted under “About VNPP.”
  • Final preparation for the Fieldprint “Tips and Tricks” webinar that was announced on the last Member Call.
We are waiting for:
  • The Medicaid Bulletin announcing the increases in rates for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and other eligible providers of Outpatient Services.
  • The scheduling of a follow-up meeting with DMAS and the six CCCPlus MCO’s to talk about the issues which have come up for residential providers in DD Waiver services.
  • Notice of the amendment for the DD Waivers that will provide “more flexible guidance” for the provision of services for children that are waiver services but, since September 2018, had to be authorized under EPSDT, if applicable.
  • Further clarification on exactly what data, at what cost, and for whom or what purpose, is or will be available from the added components in WaMS!
Watch for the roll out next week of the 2019-2020 Membership Package; the Board has approved the current dues structure and we are adding to and updating the Member Benefits!  We plan to repeat the offer of a discount for Conference Registration if Memberships are renewed before July 1st!