Friday Updates and Other Things!

February 14, 2020

CCC Plus
  • We have a “new” document to clarify the Appeals-Reconsideration process used by Magellan and the various MCOs; we hope it is helpful!
CHRIS Training
  • We are trying to clarify whether the “Required” CHRIS training this next week is different from the training most recently done.  Scheduling all sessions of “required” training for the same day, of course, presents logistical problems for many!
  • For those of you who have taken the time to read the complete list of indicators which we posted at the end of January. We would be interested in hearing your thoughts, comments and/or questions.  As we work through the process of trying to implement the actions, data identification and steps to collect the data and changes in systems, processes, rules and regulations that will be necessary, your feedback will be important.
  • We note that the Court’s assumptions are based on this being an agreement between the Department of Justice and the Commonwealth; we need to make it clear that the Commonwealth is only as strong and compliant as it’s agencies and providers!  It will be the CSBs and the provider community who make this work in the long term.
Watch for information on the Budget on Sunday evening!  We should have a better idea on many things; we will not, however, have a final version of the minimum wage initiative, nor will we have an final version of a possible mandate for paid leave for staff.