Getting Ready for the New Overtime Exemption Rule #1

June 04, 2016

We plan to start a series of posts on things that we learn about getting ready for implementation of the new Overtime Exemption Rule.  Previous posts on May 17th, 20th & 23rd have outlined the requirements of the rule, the assurance of non-enforcement  by DOL for selected residential providers of HCBS for ID/D and it’s implications.  The first suggestion for every provider is to seek qualified legal advice – remember this is a very specialized field of law and not every attorney is an expert.  We do plan to have a session on Labor Law issues at the VNPP Fall Conference in October! The topic of this post is “Payroll by Exception” – we have attached an article published by SHRM which may give you ideas or just more questions to discuss with your counsel! We are also continuing to work with ANCOR or national partner to encourage Congress to act to increase federal Medicaid payments specifically to allow rates to be increased to offset the added expense of this rule.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below, which is going out to members of Satae Associations nation wide, and help ANCOR tell Congress what we think!