Government Shutdown

September 29, 2023

While it now seems inevitable that Congress is not going to “get it’s act together” and actually fund the agencies and programs of the national government, the impact on our business should be minimal – Medicaid will continue to pay claims, Social Security and Medicare payments will continue – in fact (from a statistic I saw this morning) $7 of $10 for all federal spending is considered “mandatory” spending.

There will be some potential impact on some of the staff – Head Start programs will close, WIC funding will be delayed, etc.   So you need to be sensitive to those issues as they appear among your staff.   And – if you can avoid it, do not try to fly anywhere!   You can, however,  still drive to Richmond for the VNPP Conference and Annual Meeting on the 11th and 12th — who knows, by then the shutdown might be over!