Guidance Issued by DBHDS Licensing

May 01, 2016

Guidance has been issued by DBHDS Licensing which confirms not only which type of license, if any, is required for each service in the three DD Waivers which are to be effective on July 1st, but also describes specifically the steps necessary to  become compliant.  For many providers there will be no change at all, for some the change will only require adding a service.  The matrix is available here. For those DARS vendors who will need a Day Support License to continue providing services when the Pre-Voc service ends on June 30th, a DBHDS License will be required.  We have been assured by Dr. Booker, Director of the Office of Licensing that “once a DARS vendor has been identified as having submitted an application, it is immediately assigning to a reviewing specialist and they should receive feedback within 7-10 business days.  At any time, they can schedule a meeting with the reviewing specialist if they are unclear in regards to the feedback.”