Happy FY21!

July 01, 2020

That’s a very aspirational statement, but we are in human services and, therefore, by definition, we are hopeful and optimistic!
  • Virginia is in a better place financially than than it was expected to be when we began to get really dismal projections back in mid-March.  The final numbers will not be known for end of the year for a week or two, but the recent announcement was both hopeful and well received by the leadership of both the “Money” committees.  Stay tuned!
  • For those of you on the call last week, you may have noted the conversation in the chat about the following provision of the retainer payment requirements:
    • “Providers that request and receive retainer payments attest that they can maintain and provide at least 65% staffing capacity upon re-opening after the emergency order expires.”
    • We have received confirmation that the statement above translates as follows:
    • If a provider reopens at 100% capacity and the majority of the individuals return for full services, the provider is expected to have at least 65% of their staff to provider services.
    • If a provider reopens at lesser capacity (either for fewer individuals or for fewer hours per individual to permit the appropriate amount of social distancing and/or because it is “too soon” for some to feel comfortable coming back), the provider is expected to have at least 65% of the staff necessary for the number of individuals present to provider services.
  • On an entirely different topic, we have noticed that the Licensing CAPS being received at the conclusion of the current set of remote visits include the provider’s history of compliance with 12VAC35-105-160 D.2. which is the reporting requirement for Level II or III Serious Incidents and noting the number of citations during the past calendar year.  There is also a reference to the previous year’s CAP and that it had been implemented. They are clearly laying the groundwork for the progressive discipline pattern that is being proposed in guidance!