Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2021

The day is gray and dreary, and if you are without power, pretty miserable.  Think Happy Valentine’s Day thoughts! 

We want to share a couple of quick items:

  • Thanks, first, to the Office of Human Rights for the clear guidance on issues related to the COVID vaccine to the individuals we support.  I did not see any surprises; just common sense application of the current regulations to our various situations.
  • Also late on Friday, the Office of Licensing issued their instructions for the 2021 licensing visits which are “required” by DOJ to be prioritized.  Given the release of the memo late on Friday before a long weekend, the effective response time is approximately a week (though they do indicate provider’s can request extensions). 
  • Our most current information is that Round 2 of the QSR is also scheduled to begin in mid to late February! 
So along with the logistical efforts to manage COVID vaccinations for both staff and individuals served, we have once again managed to layer on at least two time consuming and complex tasks to manage concurrently!  Happy Valentine’s Day!