Hazard Pay – A Few More Details

November 09, 2020

DMAS released a memo on Friday which provided more detail for providers on Hazard Pay for Personal Care, Respite and Companion staff – remember that this opportunity is not based on the duties or tasks performed, but rather on the specific service (Personal Care – T1019; Respite – T1005; and/or Companion – S5135) provided and billed through Medicaid FFS in the CL or FIS Waivers, EPSDT, CCC Plus, Medicaid Works or PACE.  The Memo which includes the details specific to DD Waiver Providers  is attached here.  Note that you must also enroll and obtain an “administrative provider identification number” (API) so that DMAS will be able to transfer the funds.

 This communication does confirm that there will be a small stipend of $15.00 for each aide paid by the agency to cover the administrative costs and that the distributed amount will also include and additional 10% to help cover the provider share of the payroll taxes.  I think one can assume, but should obviously confirm with your legal or tax advisor, that the payment to staff is treated like any other “bonus” payment;  most payroll companies have that capacity built into their system.