HCBS Self Assessment Update

November 10, 2017

It was announced yesterday that 92% of the providers required to complete the HCBS Self-Assessment had accessed the RedCap survey tool and that 60% of those had completed the survey, slightly more than 55% of the providers required to complete the task.  Some of the shortfall may be accounted for by duplication in the DMAS system (a provider has both an NPI and API number, for example) or other technical reasons. Congratulations to everyone who pushed through and completed the survey on time!  Those who did not, were granted a short reprieve and may request an extension: If you were not able to complete the self assessment by the deadline, please email hcbscomments@dmas.virginia.gov and request an extension. Include the reason for the needed extension and your proposed self-assessment completion date in the email. Extensions will be managed on a case by case basis. We are also working with DMAS on their plans for the ongoing Self Assessment of Group Home Residential, Sponsored Residential, Supported Living, Group Day or Group Supported Employment providers:
  • New providers or an entirely new service for an existing provider
  • Existing provider of the selected service who opens a new location or relocates from one site to another
So far, the plans seem manageable and more information will be out soon.  It should be noted that only existing services will have a transition period and time to implement a remediation plan; now services and new locations must be compliant immediately in order to be allowed to operate. New providers or providers of new services will not be permitted to enroll as a Medicaid provider until the initial Assessment (planned to be approximately 11 questions about the location and the provider’s policies) is complete.