HCBS Self Assessment Update

October 13, 2017

We have been hoping that the RedCap tool could be formatted to print efficiently, but we have been informed that it can not be changed.  You have several options:
  • Save the poorly formatted pdf file so you have a record of what you submitted (it will not show the uploaded attachments by name, but you can see that something was uploaded)
  • Use the print icon in the upper right hand corner and print each page (it will not give you the complete text entered as narrative, but does show the name of the uploaded documents) and if you have done all of your narratives in a word document to copy/paste into RedCap you will then have all of the information reasonably formatted.
The submission deadline has been extended until November 8th. We are working with DMAS to explore the options on how providers will update information if new sites are opened, a site is closed, of significant changes occur.  The primary concern is the timing of the steps which involve existing services so no individuals are put in jeopardy nor is access to service limited.