Highlights of Agency Requests for Inclusion in the Governor’s Budget

September 24, 2019

The agency requests are now available – here are some highlights!

  • Increase MH provider rates for psychiatric services to 110% of Medicare

  • Fund Behavioral Health Redesign – Phase 1

  • Increase funding for TDO’s

  • Increase Waiver slots – 225 CL & 635 FIS to meet the Settlement Agreement requirements plus an additional 100 CL in FY22,  50 emergency CL and 20 emergency FIS and a total of 150 facility transition slots.

  • Increase in HCBS Nursing service rates to 75% of the benchmark rate

  • Increase DBHDS Central Office funding to provide oversight to STEP-VA and provide workforce training, infrastructure to oversee the implementation of evidence-based practice and conduct a comprehensive study of the workforce crisis

  • Authorization for Emergency Licensing Regulations to align those regulations with Behavioral Health Redesign

  • Increase the capacity for BH Permanent Supportive Housing

  • Request additional DAP funding

  • Add a total of 51 FTEs in DBHDS Central Office to provide the oversight of providers they feel is required to successfully exit the Settlement Agreement.

The absence of a request for a “refresh” of the DD Waiver rates is notable.  This list and more will be covered in detail at the VNPP Conference – please come join the discussion!