HSAG, We Have a Problem!

July 14, 2021

It’s not as life threatening as the cause of the famous “Houston, we have a problem!” line from the astronauts on Apollo 13, but from the shouts of incredulity from providers that we have heard in the last couple of days, it is at least very concerning.

Apparently, the protocol which has been used for this round involves review of Support Coordinator records as well as provider records, interviews, and site visits for each individual selected for a PCR review.  In that, I think, it mirrors the protocol used in Round 1.  

Where the process has changed is that the reports describing standards met, not met or not applicable, are only sent to the provider and include any deficits found in the record of the Support Coordinator.  For example, the record which showed 368 days between “annual assessments” was cited as “Not Met” and the provider instructed to develop a Quality Improvement Plan to “advise the Support Coordinator of their error and how to implement a plan to ensure assessments are performed timely.”  

Clearly, providers have no role in monitoring the performance of the CSBs and have no ability develop any QIP!  We believe the issue is being resolved, and will have the suggested language for providers to use when the “Performance is attributable to the CSB.”

 We will also be looking at the “Not Met” standards in relation to the flexibilities which were granted during the Governor’s Emergency and coordinating with the DS Council of VACSB in response!