If We Didn’t Have So Many Contradictions!

June 30, 2021

Let’s start with the good news (that has not much at all to do with contradictions!)  Here is the up-to-date DD Waiver Rates Chart!

It seems like we might be less stressed and less frustrated if there were fewer contradictions in our lives as providers:

  • Protect everyone from COVID, but respond positively to surveyors who are looking for individual choice in community engagement.   (HCBS Surveys)
  • Report incidents with 24 hours or be cited, but then be literally overwhelmed with follow-up requests before you have the opportunity to actually do the follow-up that your internal systems suggest be done or that regulations require.  (Incident Management Unit)
  • Spend way too much time trying to sort through the voluminous training offerings (DBHDS’ way of telling DOJ they are being productive in meeting Quality Standards), rather than being able to focus on recruitment, retention, and basic implementation of good care.  (OL, OIH, OHR, etc)

And for BH providers:

  • See the announcement for TDT Training (Thank you to Dr. Ward and her staff for pulling this together) on the same day that Magellan announces (as all of the MCOs will do) that when locating and coordinating services for members, all providers are encouraged to consider and appropriately refer members to the three new BRAVO services (ACT, MH-IOP & MH-PHP) as needed.  A clear indication that services such as TDT are being “discouraged.”