In Case You Do Not Want to Watch the Super Bowl!

February 12, 2022

Here are two entertaining (?) and useful (!) things to read:

In the former, I didn’t find anything particularly surprising or interesting except the methodology of determining a “positive” response when the individual has a stated preference that was negative.  For example — to the question “Would you rather live with someone else?” 64% of the individuals said “No.”  The summary score “Percent Positive” score was 17%.  On a later questions “Do you belong to any community clubs or organizations?” 30% said “yes” and 45% said “no” (with 25% not determined); but when asked if that was important to the individual – 64% said “no!” making the low “positivity rate” very reasonable.

The latter is a lot more fun to read and includes a lengthy section on “Exploring the Employee Experience” which should prompt your thinking and maybe some meaningful discussions with members of your executive staff!  It is definitely worth the read; just maybe not during the Super Bowl!