Information (Maybe Interesting?) for a Monday Morning

November 15, 2021

First, we were able to have what we hope will be a fruitful conversation with members of the technical staff at DBHDS who are responsible for the implementation of the CONNECT portal.  We have established a regular meeting to address the multiple issues that have been identified with functionality and accuracy of data.  So I am retracting my statement from the recent member call and asking that if you discover issues (links that do not work, discrepancies in content, basic functionality issues, etc, please send them to me in the form of a screen shot and a brief description of the issue.

Also, we attended, as the representative of the various Behavioral Health Private Provider associations, the Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Committee Meeting last week.  These are selections from the power point that I thought might be of particular interest:

On the last, we have already had a conversation with DMAS about how the results may not reflect the general frustration of the provider community!