Is Thanksgiving Right Around the Corner?

November 13, 2018

Somehow each year I convince myself that there is time to get “organized” between the end of the Conference and the beginning of the General Assembly Session – and each year I am entirely wrong!  Here is a list of what your Association has been doing since the Conference to gear up for the Session and map out an exciting new initiative:
  • We have reviewed the Agency “asks” for items that may appear in the Governor’s Budget – see the Preliminary Legislative Plan
  • We have tentatively identified patrons for legislative requests that VNPP will put forward and will work to finalize those before Christmas!
  • We have “closed the books” for the Conference – from the feedback we received it was a successful conference.  The aim financially is to “better than break even” and we, once again, did just that!
  • We have attended, contributed and/or monitored numerous “committees, commissions or studies” that are in small or large part going to organize, reorganize or transform the system – it is still a little too early to tell exactly what legislative initiatives will come out of the SJ47 Commission, the Joint Commission on Health Care or the Transformation Effort currently under way at DMAS/DBHDS.
  • We continue to try to resolve the now old issue of how to mitigate the administrative burden of implementing CCCPlus for DD Waiver residential providers who see, to date, minimal positive impact for the individuals they support.
  • We are working to try to resolve the new issue of co-pays being charged for some children (FAMIS recipients) for TDT and Intensive In-Home participants on a per visit basis under Medallion 4.
DLA-20 On the exciting side – we are working to resolve the final issues which will allow us to contract with MTM for the Train-the-Trainer program for DLA-20; while we conclude negotiations on the contract there are still slots open and we would encourage you to sign up if you provide licensed Behavioral Health services such as TDT. MHSS or IIH.  You can express interest (list the name of the organization, the number of trainers you think you will need to train all of your staff, and the name and email of the primary contact) by sending an email to We are developing the format for interested providers to describe how they plan to implement the DLA20 and to set targets for implementation which can be summarized and reported to VNPP.  The greater the use and incorporation of the tools into the private service system, the greater the likelihood that we will have better leverage with the MCOs!