Issues – Solved and Not Solved

April 12, 2022

First – we do expect some clarification on the issue affecting entering new/revised service authorization lines in WaMS; we know that they are meeting (again) and trying to develop clear instructions for both providers and Support Coordinators.  This, unfortunately, is not likely to be “fixed” anytime soon so may continue to be an issue until all records have been manually updated. 

Second – there is someone working on trying to “find” the service authorization notices which used to be sent to the “email” box in the MMIS system and are required to be printed and filed by DMAS.  While they are sorting that, they are also trying to locate the emails which were in the providers file before the conversion to MES. 

Third, you may have noticed that there is no RA attached to the link for 4/15/2022 in Payment History – they will only post the details three days prior to actual payment (CMS requirement?).  They did post the expected dollar amount as expected following the adjudication of the claims.

We are trying to speed up the process of getting the initial emails to the PAH.  We know of a possible glitch – if the person requesting to be the PAH is not known to the system as the individual with authority it may be rejected as not authentic.   The expectation is 7 to 10 business days for a “clean” PAH submission; if it has been longer than that you should be able to get some indication of why the request has not been processed.

And just to be clear:

  • PRSS/Gainwell (PAH or other PRSS Questions) – 888-829-5373
  • Conduet (Claims Issues) – 800-552-8627

Last – there are still the occasional weird things happening, such as a totally unfamiliar NPI popping up on your screen, or a click on a tab which leads to an entirely different place/provider; take a screen shot and clearly write down what you did (or think you did) to get there and let me know!