It Appears To Be A New Day in Virginia

November 03, 2021

Looking over the election results this morning a couple of thoughts come to mind – we are both a “non-partisan” association and we work in a very non-partisan industry!  Issues of developmental disabilities, substance abuse and mental health neither know or care about what party the individual, their family or their friends voted for!

The switch in the Statewide offices from D to R will mean:

  • A shift in policy focus from the Governor’s office (some of which are likely to be very politically charged)
  • A very likely clean sweep of the Administration (agency heads, cabinet offices, etc) which will mean a whole new cadre of agency leaders to educate and inform
  • And the election of Winsome Sears as Lt. Governor puts her in the “tie-breaking” position in a Senate that frequently divides 50/50!

More troubling is the apparent loss of the Democratic majority in the House!   The most significant change will be in committee assignments and chairmanships; this will significantly help to shape the legislative agenda and priorities.  

The Governor’s Budget will still be the operative document going forward – but the Youngkin administration will introduce a comprehensive set of amendments to make changes.  We know, from the campaign, some of the primary issues;  these are the items that we need to keep a very close eye on!