It Is June – Already!

June 03, 2024

Two things come quickly to mind:

  • It is time to think about adjusting cashflow to accommodate no Medicaid payments on the 28th of the month; payments due on the last Friday of June are automatically rolled over to the first Friday of July.   In case you are wondering, this was a a decision made some years ago (FY 2009) when the Commonwealth was running a bit short of cash at the end of the year – now, of course it has become standard practice!   It is probably one of those things we should have “fixed” during the pandemic when we had a surplus!
  • For most of the DD Waiver Services there will be a rate increase for services provided beginning in July – the services are listed below.  Most will see a 3% increase both this July and in July 2025, Service Facilitation (Management Training, Initial Comprehensive Visits, Routine Visits, and Reassessment Visits) increase will be a one time increase in July 2024 which is considerably higher, and Personal Care, Respite and Companion Services will  see a 2% increase in both July 2024 and July 2025.
    • Other than those identified above, the DD Waiver Services receiving the 3% increase in July 2024 and an additional 3% increase in July 2025 are:
Group Homes
Sponsored Residential
Supported Living
Independent Living Supports
In-Home Supports
Community Engagement
Community Coaching
Therapeutic Consultation
Private-duty and Skilled Nursing
Group Day Support
Group Supported Employment
Workplace Assistance
Community Guide, and Benefits Planning