It’s About the Children

September 25, 2019

Because of several recent news articles about possible legal action to block the contract terminations by the CCCPlus MCOs, we thought it might be appropriate to clarify the VNPP position.  We are not devoting our time or attention to the contract termination issue except as it may relate to the termination of a contract by an MCO of a “sole provider” of a service or in a specific location; specifically those actions which are inevitably going to significantly limit access or deny services to children and youth. We are focusing on the growing concerns about denials of service, or limitations placed on services which render the services ineffective.  We are also focusing on the impact that making the business model unsustainable will have in the longer term on access to services. One of the easiest places to engage children is in school.  It is clear, from recent presentations, that there are insufficient School Counselors, School Psychologists or other Behavioral Health professionals employed by the schools to meet all of the needs of the students.  Absent another option, Therapeutic Day Treatment and the accompanying Outpatient Therapy, is the only tool in our toolbox at the present. It is about the children – not about us.