July 1, 2021

July 01, 2021

It’s July 1st, so new services (BRAVO) and new rates (nursing, some DD Day Services, etc) are effective today.   The Governor’s Declaration of Emergency ended at midnight last night – the full list of Medicaid Flexibility “continuations and expirations” can be found here.  The Federal Public Health Emergency is slated to end on July 20, 2021 –  we do expect that it will be renewed for at least another 90-day period.

We understand the HSAG reviewers were furloughed/separated yesterday afternoon with plans for the HSAG administrative staff to complete the reports.   We have reached out to DBHDS for clarification of the status of the Round 2 Reviews, but have not heard back.

We were also informed yesterday that CCCA, the hospital for children and adolescents in Staunton, has again reduced census due to critical staffing shortages.  Commissioner Land sent a message announcing the reduction by an additional six beds similar to that which was sent on June 4th.  

Our reaction was similar – though this time as a response to her email not a line at the bottom of a News Post – the staffing issue is critical, but hardly unique to CCCA!   While there is likely to be additional messaging today asking everyone to step-up and pull together to help avert an even worse crisis, we know that all providers are stretched very thin.  If, however, you have a story to tell about an individual you support who has avoided hospitalization, or one you have supported after inpatient care (child or adult), please share by reply to the email where this News Post is linked.

And last on the subject of staffing, and specifically relevant to residential providers, what is included in your Risk Management plan about how to manage a complete inability to staff a site?  Do you include options for short term and longer term closures related to staffing in your Disaster Planning?