Just Because They Ask . . .

January 09, 2024

It has been reported that there may be an issue with some “encrypted” emails being sent to providers from DBHDS.  Specifically, there have been multiple emails sent to providers by OHR requesting documentation be submitted “via this encrypted email,” but the email initiated by the sender is always anctually encrypted. 

Be cautious to ensure that the email is, in fact, encrypted before responding or submitting confidential [PHI] information that may be HIPAA-protected.    Do not reply to the email – as the request contains names and other details, your reply may further the HIPAA violation that has already occurred.   Call the requester and request another “encrypted” request.  We understand that it is not always possible for the sender to determine if the encryption has worked!

DBHDS utilizes the VIRTRU encryption program and fully-encrypted emails should require the recipient to authenticate before being able to open the email.