Just Got Off the Phone with HSAG!

July 15, 2021

Below is the email text which will go out to providers!

“Please note that you are required to address any Not Met findings presented in Appendix A of the report that demonstrate a performance score of below 90 percent. If your organization is not a Community Service Board/Behavioral Health Authority (CSB/BHAs) then you are not required to provide a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for the Not Met findings for the elements listed as
“Performance attributable to CSB” (found in Appendix A & B). Only the CSB/BHAs will create QIPs for these elements. As part of the QSR process, providers must submit their response in the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) template, which has been provided as a Word document in the SharePoint folder referenced above. Actionable recommendations for each finding are available in Appendix C of the report.

“We appreciate your partnership during Round 2 and look forward to working with you during Round 3. Please do not hesitate to email VAQSR@hsag.com if you have any questions about your report.”

We can also shortly expect to get revisions to the standards being reviewed, for example, the request for a QIP to develop a “back-up plan for Group Home services”  has been reviewed and they have determined that it is not required for that service!  All you need to say as a response is – “Not required for this service!”