Keeping Everyone Safe!

March 04, 2021

One year ago today, we posted what we thought would be useful information for providers as we all began to cope with the growing pandemic.  That post seems so naive from the perspective of a year on!

I took a trip down memory lane, and tried to remember what we were thinking and what we expected in March of 2020; I know we did not expect to either be still engaged in mitigation efforts or to be struggling with recovery a year on.  We have come so far, but yet it’s not over!

I think the lesson, from the perspective of 2021, is that we are resilient, resourceful and have proven our ability to put service first and survival second.  Many providers have “done the right thing” whether it was paid or not, “approved” or not, but because it was the right thing!   Some providers will not survive, others will struggle, and few will flourish!

We did not think it would be a year plus!  We wanted everything to be back to normal by Summer (2020) and now we hope there will be some version of normal by Summer 2021!  What will that look like?  We are out of the predicting business and, like everyone else, we will take it one day at a time!

I hope the posts, calls and networking have made this past year a little less frightening and there has been some comfort in knowing that you are not alone!  It has, without doubt, helped me.