Key Budget Provisions

December 20, 2012

We have reviewed the key provisions of the budget introduced by the Governor and have updated the Budget Section of our Legislative Plan and have made it  an “Action Plan.”  Key elements which we will request or support are:
  • To expand the Govenernor’s language offering a short term 25% increase for medically or behaviorally complex individuals in small group homes to include other small settings (excluding sponsored residential placements) and remove the June 30, 2014 sunset provision.
  • To request $7.6 M GF and $7.6 M NGF to resore the rates for Intensive In-Home and Therapeutic Day Treatment to January 2010 levels.
  • To request $715,000 in start-up for individuals discharged from institutions to provide the unfunded mandates associated with placements.
  • To request that language reducing eligibility for Waiver recipients from 300% to 267% of SSI be stricken; it will save little and will disproportionately impact persons on the ID & DD Waivers.
  • To support the creation of additional ID & DD Waiver slots to further reduce the Waiting Lists.
  • To support the Medicaid Expansion in the Affordable Care Act effective January 1, 2014 — this is priority #1 for the HAV Coalition of which VNPP is a member.
Talking points for the Budget hearings will be distributed later today.