Knowledge Center Update!

December 02, 2016

As you may be aware, the Virginia Learning Center (VLC) (Formerly called the Knowledge Center) has been delayed. This delay compromises CSB and provider ability to comply with DBHDS training requirements.  DBHDS is establishing procedures that will “mitigate any concerns related to this delay” and are asking for patience! Please see the latest announcement regarding the delay below: After several weeks, the Commonwealth of Virginia Knowledge Center’s (COVKC) upgrade to the Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center (VLC) is finally complete!  However, the system is still inaccessible to users due to multiple system errors.  The VLC will be made available to users once these errors have been corrected.  There is no tentative date at this time.  Please do not enter your Login ID nor password on the old site (  The site is inactive.  If you have an account, your Login ID and password will remain the same as your current COVKC Login ID and password in the new version (VLC).