Legislative Plan

Wages & Benefits for DSPs
Request for Support from the Conference

Where Did the Money Go?
The pdf above is the presentation version of the recently completed survey; please print (better in color) & distribute to Legislators in your districts!
2023 Legislative Agenda

Behavioral Health Services:

  • Reinforce the need for Agency control to ensure consistency of requirements and processes among the multiple Managed Care Organizations;
  • Request legislation to provide the necessary code changes to lay a better foundation within the Barrier Crimes sections of 37.2 to support future modification that would increase the Peer Recovery Specialist workforce;
  • Support the development/implementation of the needed crisis services; and
  • Continue advocacy for workforce development and/or maintenance


Developmental Disabilities Services:

  • Express appreciation for the substantial rate increase effective July 1, 2022;
  • Request Waiver modifications and funding to support individuals currently receiving a residential service while in acute care settings;
  • Support the funding of new slots to the degree that accurate estimates can be made of the capacity to provide needed services;
  • Support current providers expansion efforts, if possible, to fill gaps in services;
  • Support the Arc’s requested rate increase for the Peer Mentoring service; and
  • Lay the groundwork for rate studies to be funded in each biennial budget for consideration in the following biennium.



  • Add language to increase the transparency of the process by which DBHDS-Office of Licensing changes the license status from annual/triennial to provisional;
  • Begin to lay the groundwork for the creation of “deemed status” and to remove the barriers to licensing generally; and
  • Support efforts by partners to facilitate and improve access to services!

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