Letter to Budget Conferees Released

February 28, 2016

VNPP is generally pleased with the budget action by both the House and the Senate – not that we don’t always wish for more funding so that we can better meet the needs of those we support and the staff who do the hard work every day to meet their needs.  Given the constraints of the budget and the significant infusion of funds to meet the DOJ/Final Rule requirements, we are pleased. The Governor’s Budget included $92 Million (GF & NGF) over the biennium for new slots and an additional $72 Million (GF & NGF) over the biennium for the redesign of the Waivers.  Of the latter, approximately 75% was for reimbursement rates which increased on the average 5.4%  A significant infusion of funds, which largely stayed intact in both the House and Senate versions of the Budget! The letter being delivered this week to the Budget Conferees can be found here!