Licensing and Human Rights News from DBHDS

June 10, 2016

We have received two useful pieces of information that should make things a bit less complicated for provides moving into new Waiver Services.  First, the following are  instructions from the Director of the Office of Human Rights:

“The advocates/LHRC should not stop  LHRC affiliation for any providers, new or expanding.  All a provider must do is notify the committee, through the advocate, that affiliation is needed. The advocate will notify the LHRC of the additional provider and/or service. It doesn’t matter whether or not there is a quorum present at a meeting because a vote is NOT necessary.  The provider can attend the meeting at a later date if the LHRC requests that, however, we need to move forward with affiliation.”

Second,  another revision of the matrix which shows the licensing requirements for providers of each service has been released and is available hereRead the matrix carefully as there are a number of changes.  In addition, the new Regional Managers for the Office of Licensing have been announced and their information is available on this map of the Regions