Licensing, Licensing, Licensing!

September 27, 2019

In addition to the proposed permanent regulations which will replace the Emergency Regulations which were effective in September 2018 (Risk Management, Incident Categorization and Root Cause Analysis to comply with DOJ) and the regulations to comply with a legislative mandate from last Session, the DBHDS Office of Licensing has initiated the required periodic review of Chapter 105. This will be a major overhaul of the regulations and will take some time to complete. The regulations will be divided into four sections – an overarching “administrative” section and three disability specific sections.  Only the first – administrative – section is currently under review.  The process will be as follows:
  • A Regulatory Advisory Panel will meet twice to review and comment. VNPP is well represented on that panel which met for it’s initial meeting yesterday.
  • The draft will be posted for comment on Townhall beginning on 10 September for 30 days for public comment.  Be very aware of the “key” to the type of changes noted!
We will share our comments in the next several weeks – there are some significant concerns!